What we are doing to keep our guests as safe as possible

Changeovers – when the cottages have been cleaned they are then sanitised using the sanitiser with the highest log kill rating on the market. Every single surface and and touch point including curtains and sofas are sprayed. The cleaners have been trained in the use of the sanitiser. Pillow protectors are removed and washed at 60 degrees. The cushions and throws have been removed from the beds. Cleaners have a checklist which they complete and sign at the end of every changeover.

Soap and Gel – the soap provided is now an antibacterial soap and is provided for the kichen sink and bathroom basins. Hand gel killing 99.999% of bacteria and viruses is also provided.

Terms and Conditions – we have produced a set of COVID-19 Terms and Conditions which we expect guests to adhere to.

Risk Assessment – we have written a full Risk Assessment which we review when needed.

We’re Good To Go – we have achieved the Visit England industry standard and consumer mark.

AA COVID-19 Confident – we have achieved the AA accreditation

What we expect from our guests

Before we confirm a stay, we ask that guests read and agree to our COVID-19 Terms and Conditions; see below.

1) Within a two week time-frame prior to your arrival, should anyone in your household be symptomatic, you must notify Hazel.

2) Each member of your party must use the hand sanitiser provided on arrival and each time you return to the property during your stay.

3) Should any of your party become symptomatic during your stay, Hazel must be notified, and you will be expected to get a test.

4) If a visit to the property is necessary during your stay, all guests will be expected to vacate the inside.

5) If you are having a clean and change of bedding part way through your stay please ensure you adhere to T & Cs 4, 6 & 7.

5) Prior to departure, all cutlery, mugs, cups and glasses used to have been washed in the dishwasher at 60 degrees.

6) Prior to departure, all bedding to be stripped and bagged in laundry bags provided. Pillow protectors to be stripped and bagged separately. Towels, bath mats and tea towels to be bagged.

7) Prior to departure, all windows to be opened.

8) All bins to have been emptied, bin liners tied and placed in dustbins.

9) Depart promptly at 10am to allow for deep clean before new arrivals.

10) Arrival times may have to be delayed to allow for deep cleaning between guests. Hazel will notify you in advance if this is the case.

Cancellation Policy

If guests can’t take their holiday as planned because of COVID restrictions or the cottages have to close; 50% of the whole cost of the holiday will be refunded. The other 50% will become a credit voucher towards another stay at anytime before 2022. There isn’t a time pressure to reset this date.